Canada Sportswear Canada Sportswear Genuine Heritage 54 CX2 Workwear
Canada Sportswear the original label from 1954 label delivers an exclusive collection of outerwear that has stood the test of time.  Each garment is made to the highest quality standards. Genuine is made of the finest authentic natural leather skins which are hand selected. Heritage 54 represents our continued diligence in providing premium quality apparel CX2 Rugged features styling details that enhance your work environment, and delivers quality and durability.
CX2 Muskoka Trail Wild River Canada Sportswear Custom
CX2 uses the most technologically advanced fabrics Muskoka Trail covers your active, collegiate, and leisure lifestyle. Comfort garments for the best moments in life Wild River Exceptional quality at unbeatable prices.  These garments are made for everyday use. Custom experience the benefits of fully customized apparel.  Enjoy the flexibility of mixing and matching colours and fabrics.